Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes

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Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes
Compilation album by Tin Huey
Released November 17, 2009 (2009-11-17)
Genre Post-punk, experimental rock
Length 68:24
Label Smog Veil Records
Tin Huey chronology
Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes

Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes is a 2009 album/CD by the Ohioan experimental rock band music Tin Huey. It was released by the independent record label Smog Veil Records and consists of previously unreleased partly studio, partly live material that date between 1974 and 1979. A few of the songs on it were already featured on their last two albums, but the version of these on here is live. Another song would later also be performed by The Waitresses and "The Comb" features Chris Butler and the late Patty Donahue. "Bushflow" in the title refers to the late Mark Price's Akron-based Bushflow Studio where these recordings were made. The liner notes were written by Robert Christgau, a longtime fan of Tin Huey, and his wife.[1]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Robert Christgau (B+)[1]
The Big Takeover (positive)[2]
Blurt (positive)[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Heat Night" 3:42
  2. "Slide" 3:11
  3. "The Comb" 3:46
  4. "Right Now, Betty White" 7:05
  5. "Sister Rose" 2:17
  6. "Ice 9 Hop" 2:14
  7. "Pink Berets" 3:15
  8. "Jazz Tune" 3:11
  9. "Reml" 1:57
  10. "Armadillo" 2:42
  11. "Closet Bears" 2:45
  12. "The Farm" 3:04
  13. "Hoseanna" 3:52
  14. "I Wanna Be Your Dog" 4:52
  15. "Zebra Operation" 5:02
  16. "Socks Up" 5:59
  17. "Von Kleist and The Blimp" 2:55
  18. "Return Engagement" 6:35


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