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Belus or Belos may refer to:

  • The classical Latin or Greek rendition of Bel (god) the Semitic honorific
    • Ba`al as a Semitic deity
    • Belus (Babylonian), the Greek Zeus Belos and Latin Jupiter Belus as translations of the Babylonian god Bel Marduk
    • Belus (Assyrian): a purported king of Assyria in Greek historiography
    • Belus (Egyptian) (sometimes called Belus I), a king of Egypt in Greek mythology
    • Belus II, father of Dido in Greek mythology
    • Belus (Lydian). See Omphale. He was a grandson of Heracles and ancestor of the Heraclid dynasty in Lydia according to Herodotus.
  • Beloš or Beluš, Regent of Hungary 1141-1146, Ban of Croatia 1142-1158, Grand Prince of Serbia 1162