Beniamino Maggio

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Beniamino Maggio
Born(1907-08-10)10 August 1907
Naples, Italy
Died6 September 1990(1990-09-06) (aged 83)
Naples, Italy

Beniamino Maggio (10 August 1907 - 6 September 1990) was an Italian actor.

Born in Naples into a family of actors, Maggio debuted on stage as a child, as the sidekick of the comedian Serafino Mastracchio, and he slowly built a reputation in the Neapolitan avanspettacolo between the 1930s and 1940s.[1][2] He made his film debut in 1942 and had a very prolific career even if often cast in character roles.[1] An actor characterized by improvisation skills, described as a "mix between Buster Keaton and Angelo Musco",[3] Maggio often worked on stage with his brothers and sisters Dante, Enzo, Pupella and Rosalia.[1]

Maggio died from complications of a stroke that had hit him while on stage alongside his two sisters Pupella and Rosalia.[2]

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