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Benidorm CD escudo.png
Full name Benidorm Club de Fútbol
Founded 1964
Dissolved 2011
Ground Guillermo Amor, Benidorm,
Valencia, Spain
Ground Capacity 6,000

Benidorm Club de Fútbol was a Spanish football team based in Benidorm, in the autonomous community of Valencia. Founded in 1964 and dissolved in 2011 it held home matches at Estadio Municipal Guillermo Amor, which had a capacity of 6,000.


Benidorm was folded in June 2011, 47 years after its creation. Liquidation befell due to the high debt generated during past seasons with their players and suppliers.[1]

The club spent 19 seasons in the third division, with two separate seven-year runs in the competition, one in the 90s and another in the 2000s.

Season to season[edit]

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1964/65 Regional
1965/66 Regional
1966/67 5th
1967/68 7th
1968/69 9th
1969/70 17th
1970–82 Regional
1982/83 6th
1983/84 15th
1984/85 4th
1985/86 9th
1986/87 4th
1987/88 2ªB 18th
1988/89 1st
1989/90 2ªB 5th
1990/91 2ªB 10th
1991/92 2ªB 13th Round of 16
1992/93 2ªB 8th 1st Round
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1993/94 2ªB 8th
1994/95 2ªB 14th
1995/96 2ªB 16th
1996/97 2ªB 18th
1997/98 2nd
1998/99 2ªB 18th Round of 16
1999/00 3rd
2000/01 2ªB 14th
2001/02 2ªB 17th
2002/03 1st
2003/04 1st 1st Round
2004/05 2ªB 12th 1st Round
2005/06 2ªB 7th
2006/07 2ªB 9th 2nd Round
2007/08 2ªB 4th
2008/09 2ªB 14th Round of 32
2009/10 2ªB 6th
2010/11 2ªB 16th 1st Round

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