Benjamin Bosse

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Benjamin Bosse
Born (1875-11-01)November 1, 1875
Evansville, Indiana
Died April 22, 1922(1922-04-22) (aged 46)
Evansville, Indiana
Occupation Mayor of Evansville, Indiana
Years active 1913–1922
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Anna Schlensker
Parent(s) Henry and Carolyn Bosse

Benjamin Bosse (November 1, 1875 – April 22, 1922) was the mayor of Evansville, Indiana, from 1914 until his death in 1922. During his term as mayor Bosse oversaw that the horse-drawn fire carriages were replaced, the Evansville Police Department moved into a separate Police Station, the paving of most downtown streets were paved with brick, and the city built several new public markets. The city's Public Recreation Department was also formed, resulting in the construction of Evansville’s first public playgrounds, tennis courts and swimming pools. He was also a supporter of Frank Fausch, who founded Evansville's National Football League team, the Evansville Crimson Giants.

When he was elected mayor in 1913 Bosse; challenged citizens to develop civic pride. One of the most notable quotes attributed to Bosse is, "When everyone Boosts, everyone wins."[1] Bosse Field, Evansville's minor league baseball stadium, was named for Benjamin Bosse in honor of his "great encouragement and support" to the development of an athletic program in the local schools. Benjamin Bosse High School is also named after Bosse, who bought the school's land and financed the building of the school. Bosse died in 1922, the same year construction began on the school.

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