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Benjamin Ramm FRSA (born 12 June 1982) is a writer and journalist for the BBC and openDemocracy. He is former editor of The Liberal magazine.

In December 2005, as editor of The Liberal, Ramm organised a "Kennedy Must Go" campaign to unseat Liberal Democrat party leader Charles Kennedy.[1] After the formation of the UK coalition government in 2010, Ramm argued that the party provided cover – as "the cloak that hides the dagger"[2] – for policies that damaged liberalism. He criticized the coalition on spending cuts,[3] the reforms to the NHS,[4] civil liberties,[5] the rise in VAT,[6] and the increase in tuition fees.[7]

In May 2011, he published the pamphlet Citizens: A Manifesto, featuring endorsements from Naomi Wolf, Philip Pullman, Ariel Dorfman and Peter Tatchell.[8]

Ramm is editor-at-large of openDemocracy.[9] He presents documentaries for BBC Radio 4[10] and the BBC World Service,[11] and is a regular feature writer for BBC Culture.[12][13][14]


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