Benjamin Zhang Bin

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Zhang Bin
Zhang Lin 20080315 Salon du livre 2.jpg
Zhang Bin at the Salon du livre 2008 (Paris, France)
Born March 16, 1974
Heilongjiang, China
Notable works

Zhang Bin (Chinese: 张彬; born March 16, 1974) is a mainland Chinese manhua artist and illustrator, who works under the pen name "Benjamin" (本杰明).

Zhang has done variant covers for Marvel Comics[1] and illustrations for the music video to J'aimerais tellement with French popstar Jena Lee and its album cover, Vous remercier.

Zhang generally works in digital painting using a pen with a graphics tablet and image editing software (e.g. Corel Painter).

Selected works[edit]


  • One Day (2002)
  • Remember (2004)
  • Orange (2006)
  • Savior (2010)

One-shots and additional works[edit]


Comics covers[edit]

  • X-Men Origins: Emma Frost (Marvel, 2009)
  • New Mutants #1-2, #4 (Marvel, 2009)

Album covers[edit]

Art Books[edit]

  • Io: Art of the Wired (2004)
  • Flash (2008)

Music Videos[edit]

  • J'aimerais tellement by Jena Lee (2009)
  • Je me perds by Jena Lee (2009)


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