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Benji is a fictional dog in a series of films and a television series. Benji may also refer to:


  • Abdessalam Benjelloun (born 1985), Moroccan association football player, nicknamed "Benji"
  • Andrew Veniamin (1975–2004), Melbourne underworld hitman, better known as "Benji"
  • Ben Shapiro (born 1984), American political commentator
  • Benjamin Benji Compton (born 1986), Spanish-British motorcycle speedway rider
  • Benjamin Benji Madden (born 1979), one of the twins in the band Good Charlotte
  • Benjamin Benji Marshall (born 1985), New Zealand rugby league footballer
  • Clive Benji Webbe (born 1967), singer of the reggae-metal band Skindred and formerly of Dub War
  • Le Quang Huy, better known as Benji (born 1997), Hungarian singer
  • Benji the Binman, nickname of Benjamin Pell (born 1963), British researcher for tabloid newspapers, known for sifting through celebrities' dustbins
  • Benjamin (Benji) Ungar (born 1986), American fencer


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  • Benjy, a list of people and fictional characters with the given name or nickname
  • Benjy (film), a 1951 American short documentary film
  • Benjys, the first low-priced chain of sandwich shops in the United Kingdom