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Pronunciation /ˈbɛni/
Gender Male (Benjamin, Benedict, Bennett, Bernard, Ebenezer, etc.)
Female (Bernice or Bernadette)
Other names
Related names Benjamin, Bernice, Bernadette, Bernard

Benny or Bennie is a given name or a shortened version of the given name Benjamin, or less commonly, Benedict, Bennett, Bernice, Ebenezer or Bernard.



  • Bennie Cunningham (born 1954), American retired National Football League player
  • Bennie Daniels (born 1932), American former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Bennie L. Davis (1928–2012), United States Air Force general and commander-in-chief of Strategic Air Command
  • Bennie Ellender (1925–2011), American college football player and head coach
  • Bennie Goods (born 1968), American retired Canadian Football League player
  • Bennie Green (1923–1977), American jazz trombonist and bandleader
  • Bennie Logan (born 1989), American National Football League player
  • Benny Benevides (born 1957), Canadian musician from Montreal singer composer
  • Bennie Maupin (born 1940), American jazz musician
  • Bennie Muller (born 1948), Dutch former footballer
  • Bennie Purcell (born 1929), American college basketball and Washington Generals (Harlem Globetrotters) player and college tennis coach
  • Bennie Thompson (born 1948), American politician
  • Bennie Thompson (American football) (born 1963), American retired National Football League player
  • Bennie Wallace (born 1946), American post bop, swing music and jazz tenor saxophonist and composer



  • Bennie McRae (1939-2012), American National Football League player
  • Bennie Oosterbaan (1906-1990), American college football, basketball and baseball player and head coach
  • Benny Bass (1904-1975), American Hall-of-Fame world champion featherweight and junior lightweight boxer
  • Benny Friedman (1905-1982), American football quarterback, member of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame
  • Benny Goodman (1909-1986), American big band leader and clarinet player
  • Benny Leonard (1896-1947), American world champion Hall-of-Fame lightweight boxer born Benjamin Leiner
  • Benny Parsons (1941-2007), American NASCAR driver and color commentator


Fictional characters[edit]