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Benny & Mice was an Indonesian comic strip made by Benny Rachmadi and Muhammad "Mice" Misrad.


Benny & Mice first appeared in 2003 idn the Sunday edition of the local newspaper, Kompas. The comic strip features Benny as tall and frizzy-haired, while Mice has glasses and a big nose.[1] Each comic strip has a different title picture which always resembles Benny and Mice.

On July 4, 2010 was the last episode of Benny & Mice, and following the next week (July 11, 2010), the cartoon was replaced by Mice Cartoon were simply drawn by Muhammad "Mice" Misrad. And Benny Rachmadi remains a cartoonist and published comics despite being separated with Muhammad Misrad.

Comic Books[edit]

Benny & Mice comic strips are also published as comic books:

  • Kartun Benny & Mice: Jakarta Luar Dalem (Benny & Mice Cartoon: Jakarta Inside Out) (2007)
  • Benny & Mice: Talk About Hape (Benny & Mice: Talk About Mobile Phones) (March 2008)
  • Kartun Benny & Mice: Jakarta Atas Bawah (Benny & Mice Cartoon: Jakarta Up and Down) (September 2008)
  • Benny & Mice: Lost In Bali (December 2008)[2]
  • Benny & Mice: Lost in Bali 2 (July 2009)


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