Benoit Turretin

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Benoit Turretin (1588–1631), the son of Francesco Turretini, a native of Lucca, who settled in Geneva in 1579, was born at Zurich in November 1588. He was ordained a pastor in Geneva in 1612, and became professor of theology in 1618.

In 1620 he represented the Genevan Church at the national synod of Alais, when the decrees of the synod of Dort were introduced into France; and in 1621 he was sent on a successful mission to the states-general of the Netherlands, and to the authorities of the Hanseatic towns, with reference to the defence of Geneva against the threatened attacks of the duke of Savoy. He published in 1618-1620 (2 vols.) a defence of the Genevan translation of the Bible, Eine Verteidigung der genser Bibelubersetzung (Defense de la fidelité des traductions de la Bible faites a Geneve), against Pierre Cotton's Geneve plagiaire. He died on 4 March 1631.

His son was Francis Turretin.