Bent Stumpe

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Bent Stumpe
Bent Stumpe.jpg
Bent Stumpe in front of the prototype of the SPS console, 1973.
Born (1938-09-12) 12 September 1938 (age 82)
OccupationElectronic engineer
Known forEarly development of the touchscreen[1]
Bent Stumpe showing a prototype of a capacitive touchscreen developed at CERN in the 1970’s.[2]—a similar technology to which was applied to the iPhone produced by Apple Inc. many years later.[3]

Bent Stumpe (born 12 September, 1938, Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish electronic engineer who spent most of his career at the international research laboratory CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Stumpe built in 1972, following an idea launched by Frank Beck, a capacitive touchscreen[4][5][6][7] for controlling CERN's Super Proton Synchrotron accelerator.[8][9][3][10][11] In 1973 Beck and Stumpe published a CERN report, outlining the concept for a prototype touchscreen as well as a multi-function computer-configurable knob.[12]

On the left, x-y multi touch capacitance screen prototype developed at CERN in 1977;[13][14] on the right, self capacitance screen developed at CERN in 1972.[15]

Bent Stumpe was educated within the Royal Danish Air Force and obtained a certificate as a radio/radar engineer in 1959. Leaving the Air Force, Stumpe was employed from 1959–1961 at the Danish radio and television factory TO-R Radio before he was employed by CERN from 1961 until 2003.[16] In combination with his activities at CERN, Stumpe was a consultant to the World Health Organization working on the development of an instrument for the early detection of Leprosy.[16][17][18]


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