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Beri'ah (Hebrew: בְּרִיאָה), Briyah, or B'ri'ah (also known as Olam Beriah, עוֹלָם בְּרִיאָה in Hebrew, literally "the World of Creation"), is the second[1] of the four celestial worlds in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, intermediate between the World of Emanation (Atziluth) and the World of Formation (Yetzirah), the third world, that of the angels. It is known as the World of Creation, or Korsia (from Heb. כּוּרסָה - "seat, chair", the Throne).

Beri'ah is the first of the four worlds to be created ex nihilo, since Atzilut was emanated rather than created. Thus, although there exist beings that dwell in Atzilut, those beings are overwhelmed by the Divine Light and are unaware of their own existence; in Beri'ah however, the angels are dimly aware of their own existence as distinct from God's.[2]

Beri'ah is the abode of the permanent archangels, as opposed to the non-permanent angels which dwell in Yetzirah.



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