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The Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) is a school for spiritual development, founded in 1973 by Lewis S. Bostwick [1][2] in Berkeley, California and is also the workshop of the seminary of the Church of the Divine Man. The institute claims to have taught thousands of people to read auras and study channeling,[1] one of the most popular classes being The Clairvoyant Training Program.[3] The institute has contributed progressive ideas to the interfaith movement[4] and has also contributed to a growth in number of enlightenment schools and metaphysical institutions.[3] After Lewis' death in 1995, his wife, Vr. Rt. Rev Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick, assumed leadership of the institute and the church.

There are four Berkeley Psychic Institutes in Northern California,[5] as well as several other groups throughout the world begun by former students. It has also spawned the Déjà Vu Publishing Company, responsible for the production of the Psychic Reader Magazine,[6] as well as special events, psychic entertainment and spiritual tours.

Notable members[edit]


  • Church of Divine Man
  • Psychic Reader Magazine
  • Déjà Vu Publishing Company


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