Bernard (bishop of Płock)

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Bernard was a medieval bishop, Dominican monk and confessor of Pope Innocent VI.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Although originally from Masovia, Bernards father was banished for some reason during the Lithuanian wars, as were his family. Bernard joined the Dominican order and was confessor of Pope innocent VI.


As an advocated for missionary work in Wallachia he was sent to Milkowa where, as a result of the death Clement Pierzchały was appointed of the Bishop of Płock by Innocent VIon October 11, 1357. Bernard was Bishop of Milkowa from 1353 until 1357 and Bishop of Płock from 1357 unto 1363.

In 1360 he was negotiating with the Teutonic Knights, but these negotiations failed. By April 1363 opposition from both his superior the Archbishop of Gniezno Yaroslav and the new Pope Urban V saw Bernard fall from favour.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Klemens h. Pierzchała
Bishop of Płock
Succeeded by
Janisław Wroński