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Bernardo Villa Ramírez

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Bernardo Villa Ramírez (May 4, 1911 – November 21, 2006) was a Mexican mammalogist. He published five books and over 100 articles: primarily on the biology of bats and rodents, but also on marine mammals.[1][2]

Born in Teloloapan, Guerrero, Villa Ramírez studied in Guerrero and then Mexico City, returning to his hometown to be a build a school and become a rural school teacher. He later attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), receiving a master's degree in 1944, then received a second master's from the University of Kansas in 1947. He returned to UNAM as a researcher, professor, and doctoral student, completing his dissertation on the bats of Mexico in 1966.[1][3] His resulting book, Los murcielagos de Mexico, became a standard reference for Mexican bat researchers.[3] His memberships and service in scientific societies included an honorary life member of the American Society of Mammalogists, a president and honorary life member of the Mexican Association of Mammalogy, and first president of the Mexican Society for Marine Mammal Research.[1]


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