Bernardus van Schijndel

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Bernardus van Schijndel
Bernardus van Schijndel - pannekoekbakster.jpg
The pancake baker.
Born Bernard van Schijndel
Died 1709 (aged 61–62)
Nationality Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Bernardus van Schijndel (1647–1709) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of small scale genre works.


According to Houbraken, he was a Haarlemmer who lived alongside Reinier (Richard) Brakenburg (1650–1702) in Leeuwarden for a period, where he taught Jelle Sibrandsz, a young painter who later travelled to Italy in 1669.[1]

Though Houbraken wrote that he was the same age, with the same birthplace, and painted in the same style as Brakenburg, he was actually a few years older and was born in Weesp, not Haarlem.[2] He married Lysbet Sanderius in 1677, near Weesp in the town of Diemen, but is registered as living in Leeuwarden from 1671 to 1696.[2] He must have moved to Haarlem sometime after that, which is where he died.


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