Bernard, son of Charles Martel

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Bernard de Saint Quentin (d'Herstal), Abby of von St. Quentin

Bernard or Bernhard Bernard de Saint Quentin (d'Herstal), Abbot of St. Quentin (c.720-787) was a son of Charles Martel by his mistress Ruodhaid. He was thus a half Brother of the Frankish King Pepin the Short, and Uncle to the First Emperor in Western Europe since Romulus Augustulus in 476, Charlemagne. He is an obscure figure, rising out of the mists only to lead half of the Frankish army in his nephew Charlemagne's Lombard campaign. While Charlemagne led his contingent through the pass of Moncenisio, Bernard led his through the Great St. Bernard Pass.

He is known to have had two sons by "unknown' daughter of Claribert I de Laon. Bernard was prominent in the reign of Charlemagne's son Louis the Pious: