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Alphonsus Bernard "Bernie" Collins A.K.A. Pops (born 18 June 1935 in Regina, Saskatchewan) was a member of the Canadian House of Commons at the Souris—Moose Mountain electoral district from 1993 to 1997. His career has been in education and administration.

He was elected to Parliament as a Liberal party candidate in the 1993 federal election then served in the 35th Canadian Parliament. Collins left Canadian politics after losing the riding to Reform party candidate Roy Bailey in the 1997 election.

Alphonsus Bernard Collins now resides in Estevan, Saskatchewan. He spends his summer months at his cabin at Madge Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. He has eight children, Michael, Carol, Neil, Paul, Gordon, Catherine, Sean and Carrie who are scattered throughout Western Canada. His grandchildren include: David, Amy, Michelle, Matthew (Carol), Erin, Kathleen, Michael (Neil) Jesse, Jaime (Paul) Isabella (Catherine), Sam (Gordon), Liam, Kaylyn, Ainsley(Sean) Ryan and Ty (Carrie)

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