Betrayal (1981 film)

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Directed by Vibeke Løkkeberg
Written by Vibeke Løkkeberg
Starring Vibeke Løkkeberg
Helge Jordal
Nina Knapskog
Kenneth Johansen
Release date
25 September 1981
Running time
110 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Betrayal (Norwegian: Løperjenten) is a 1981 Norwegian drama film directed by Vibeke Løkkeberg, starring Løkkeberg and Helge Jordal.

Betrayal is set in Bergen in the year 1948. The film's protagonist is the seven-year-old Kamilla (Løkkeberg), who grows up in a society under reconstruction, and in a family in disintegration. Her parents are mostly concerned about money and about themselves, but in her friend Svein (Jordal) Kamilla finds the love and solidarity that she is missing.

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