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Many ships have been named Betsey.

  • Betsey (1768 ship) was a slave ship launched at Liverpool in 1768 that made several voyages transporting slaves from West Africa to the Caribbean until the British Royal Navy purchased her in 1777. The Navy sold her in 1778.
  • Betsey (1801 ship) was launched in 1801 at Calcutta, India. Around new owners renamed her Marquis of Wellington. As Marquis of Wellington she transported convicts to New South Wales. She was returning to England in 1818 when she was wrecked there.
  • Betsey (1803 ship) was a ship launched at Chittagong in 1803 that wrecked at New Zealand in 1815.
  • Betsey (schooner), a schooner wrecked in the China Sea in 1805