Betty Spaghetty

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Betty Spaghetty
Type Fashion doll,
Inventor Elonne Dantzer
Company Ohio Art Company
(1998-2004, (2007-2008)
Moose Toys (2016-present)
Country United States
Availability 1998-2004, 2007-2008, 2016–present

Betty Spaghetty is a bendable rubber doll from the Ohio Art Company.[1] She is portrayed as a fun-loving teenager or preteen. She has two best friends named Zoe and Hannah and also has a younger sister. Her features include rubbery hair used to let children make various hairdos and changeable hands, feet, shoes, etc.The doll was targeted at girls ages four and up. Some models came with accessories, such as a cell phone, a laptop computer, and in-line skates.[2]

Betty Spaghetty was invented and designed by Elonne Dantzer[3] and licensed to The Ohio Art Co. and released in 1998. The doll was very popular during its launch, however the line was discontinued in 2004 due to Ohio Art's toy shipments falling to 15 percent because of weak retail markets and strong competition in the fashion doll market. But in 2007, Ohio Art announced that the dolls would return with a new look. The new Betty Spaghetty dolls were released later that year, but were discontinued a second time a year later due to lackluster sales. Moose Toys revealed at the 2016 Toy Fair that Betty Spaghetty would be sold as part of their brand in the fall of 2016.[4]


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