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Betty Stogs was a Cornishwoman in a folktale. She lived on moorland near Towednack, Cornwall, England. She had a six-month-old baby but was lazy and dissipated. The neglected baby was cared for by the fairies, who returned it clean and laid upon a bed of moss.[1]

A beer is now named Betty Stogs after this character. With an ABV of 4.0% it is brewed by Skinner's Brewery in Truro and won the CAMRA prize for Champion Best Bitter in 2008.[2]

Betty Stogs beer is also the subject of several songs. Lyrics of one can be found on the Skinners Brewery site,[3] whilst the Exmouth Shantymen[4] have their own version, performance of which is on YouTube.[5] and chorus:

"Farewell to your wines and whiskies
Your brandies and your grogs
I’d sail the world and back again
For a pint of Betty Stogs"


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