Between the Screams

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Between The Screams
Origin Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Genres Progressive Metal
Years active 2006-2011
Labels Basick Records
Website [1]
Members Adam Ralph
Daniel Waterhouse
Chris Froment
Paul Reeves
Chris Horton
Past members Mark Ravinet
Terry Blake

Between The Screams were a British progressive metal band from Southend-on-Sea, UK. Considered one of the bands (along with Devils sold his soul, *Shels & Rinoa) at the forefront of the relatively short-lived ambient metal movement in the late 2000s that combined elements of metalcore, ambient Shoegazing and post metal.


Between The Screams (often shortened to BTS) were formed in February 2006 by Daniel Waterhouse (guitars), Adam Wolf (vocals) and Mark Ravinet (drums). Upon replying to an advert, Terry Blake was brought in on bass and Chris Froment (electronics) was later introduced. After much debate, the band name was eventually taken from the lyrics of a Cult of Luna song, originally one of the band's biggest influences.

The band's first show was at the Camden Underworld in August 2006, which was later followed by the band's first demo (although never used). After six months of writing and rehearsing, Between The Screams recorded two new tracks with Mark Williams (Devil sold his soul, Enter Shikari, Sikth, Biffy Clyro) at Criterion/Battery Studios in February 2007.

After playing many shows during the summer of 2007, the band recorded another two tracks, again with Mark Williams. Three of the four recorded songs became the foundations of the debut EP Embryo. Although in circulation beforehand, Embryo was officially self-released in May 2008 and received much acclaim, with Chrysalis receiving airtime on BBC Radio One, Time (The Undoing) featuring on the covermount CD of Metal Hammer and the highly coveted Rocksound KBY Band of the Month award.

In 2008, drummer Mark Ravinet declared that he was to leave the band to pursue further education. Chris Horton filled the position and took over from May 2008.

In the summer of 2008, Between The Screams began to write their debut album with new drummer Chris while playing shows locally. The band spent two weeks in the Welsh countryside recording with producer Joe Gibb (Funeral for a friend Brigade) at Mighty Atom Studios and decided to name the album Our Last Days On Earth. After receiving positive feedback for the Embryo EP, Basick Records agreed to release the album in spring 2009.

Our Last Days On Earth was released on 5 October 2009, and featured eleven tracks, with a total duration of 45:08. The album displayed an advancement of sound, incorporating a heavier, more aggressive influence, while still maintaining their popular progressive ambient soundscapes. The album received high praise from popular music magazines, including 4/5 from Kerrang, 8/10 from Rocksound and 9/10 from Metalhammer.

The online community was kind to BTS about the release, with soundshock stating "Our Last Days On Earth is the soundtrack to the heavens collapsing and the fires beneath the earth raging. 8/10" Whilst Subbaculture stated that OLDOE is "Some of the most beautiful metal of the year".

The album went on to spawn one single, the title track 'Our last days on earth'. The single proved a surprise hit on alternative TV Channel's 'Scuzz TV' and Kerrang.

Chris Horton also decided to leave the band at this point to pursue further education and after struggling to find a fitting permanent replacement, on 21 May 2011 the band announced the end of between the screams with immediate effect.

During the 18-month period between album release and the end of the band, BTS endured several fairly high-profile setbacks, including being struck from the bills of the 2010 Download Festival and the 2010 Mammothfest in Brighton. It was fairly well circulated that the band-label relationship was often strained and contributed to the split.

Band members[edit]

  • Adam Ralph — Vocals
  • Daniel Waterhouse — Guitar
  • Chris Froment — Electronics
  • Chris Horton — Drums

Former Members

  • Mark Ravinet — Drums
  • Terry Blake — Bass
  • Paul Reeves - Guitar