Beurs metro station

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Rotterdam Metro station
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Coordinates51°55′07″N 4°28′50″E / 51.91861°N 4.48056°E / 51.91861; 4.48056Coordinates: 51°55′07″N 4°28′50″E / 51.91861°N 4.48056°E / 51.91861; 4.48056
Owned byRET
Structure typeUnderground
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
Line A
Not on evenings and early weekend mornings
toward Binnenhof
Line B
toward Nesselande
toward De Akkers
Line C
toward De Terp
toward De Akkers
Line D
toward Slinge
Line E

Beurs is a major subway interchange station in the center of Rotterdam. Underneath Churchill Square (Dutch: Churchillplein), the two lines through the city center (lines A-B-C and lines D-E) intersect. Passengers for Rotterdam Central Station change here to line D if they started their journey on line A, B, or C.

All destinations within the network are accessible from Beurs. Since December 2011, it has also been incorporated into the new RandstadRail network, resulting in a direct connection to The Hague (line E).


Station Beurs opened on 9 February 1968 on the North-South Line (also temporarily called Erasmuslijn). On 6 May 1982 a new station, Churchillplein, was opened nearby on the new East-West Line (also temporarily Calandlijn). Both stations were connected by an underground walkway. In 2000, this separate naming was abandoned. For a while, signs in the East-West Line-portion of the station still had 'Churchillplein' in a smaller font below 'Beurs', but this has recently been removed.