Beyond the Sea (K album)

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Beyond the Sea
K al1.jpg
Studio album by K
Released January 18, 2006
Genre J-Pop
Length 59:06
Label Sony Music Associated Records
K chronology
Beyond the Sea
Music in My Life

Beyond the Sea is the first Japanese album of K, featuring the popular "Only Human", theme song to the drama 1 Litre of Tears. It was released in CD+DVD and CD-only formats, with the CD+DVD being a limited release, featuring a short clip titled the prologue of K, describing the artist's debut.

Track listing[edit]


# Track Name Length
1. Cover Girl 3:36
2. Girlfriend 5:33
3. Only Human 5:45
4. TAXI 4:22
5. 陸の上の舟 (Oka no Ue no Fune) 5:03
6. Beyond the Sea 5:55
7. Play Another One feat. Mummy-D (Rhymester) 4:21
8. Fly Away 4:26
9. Friends before Lovers 4:37
10. 抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai) 4:54
11. over... 5:27
12. Bye My Friends 5:07


  • the prologue of K (6:02)