Bezold's abscess

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Bezold's abscess
Classification and external resources
Specialty otolaryngology
ICD-10 H70.0
ICD-9-CM 383.01

Bezold's Abscess is an abscess deep to sternocleidomastoid muscle where pus from mastoiditis erodes through the cortex of Mastoid part of the temporal bone, medial to the attachment of sternocleidomastoid, extends into the infratemporal fossa, and deep to the investing layer of the deep cervical fascia . It is a rare complication of acute otitis media.[1]


Severe pain in perimastoid region, difficulty of swallowing, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, nuchal rigidity, and fever.


CT scan of mastoid and swelling of the neck Differential diagnosis Acute upper jugular lymphadenitis Abscess or mass in Lower part of parotid Infected branchial cyst Parapharyngeal abscess Jugular vein thrombosis


Cortical mastoidectomy for mastoiditis.exploration of fistulous opening in to the soft tissues of neck. Drainage of the neck abscess from a separate incision and putting drain.then administer intravenous antibiotics guided by the culture and sensitivity of the pus


It is named after Friedrich Bezold (German otologist, 1842–1908).[2]


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