Bhagat Ram Talwar

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Bhagat Ram Talwar
Nationality Indian
Known for Active role in India's freedom struggle
Spouse(s) Ram Kaur

Bhagat Ram Talwar played an active role in India's freedom struggle, and was most known for his role as the friend and comrade of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.[1] Talwar helped Bose escape from house arrest in 1941. They made the dangerous journey from Calcutta to Kabul and Netaji eventually made it to Germany. Unknown to Bose, Talwar was a spy for at least four countries, namely, Germany, Japan, USSR and British-ruled India.[2] He was a freedom fighter and a peasant leader in the North West Frontier Province (present-day Pakistan). He was an agent and prominent figure of the Kirti Kisan Party.[3]

Bhagat Ram Talwar's older brother, Hari Kishan, was sentenced and hanged in 1931 by the British for his assassination attempt on the British Governor of Punjab, Sir Geoffrey de Montmorency.[4]


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