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Bhattacharya, Bhattacharyya and Bhattacharjee (all pronounced Bhôṭṭāchārjo in Bengali and Bhôttāsairjyô in Assamese) are three common spellings of a prominent aristocratic title among the Assamese and Bengali Brahmins.


Bhattacharya (IAST: Bhaṭṭācārya) was a noble title or upādhi conferred upon those Bengali Brahmins who were involved in sacred rituals by Indian kings and emperors in ancient and medieval times. In modern times, however, the Bhattacharyas are found almost in every quarter of the society. Commonly used as a surname, the word is a combination of the Sanskrit titles Bhaṭṭa ("Vedic priest") and Ācārya ("teacher, preceptor"). Bhaṭṭa is itself a title common in many parts of India.

Notable people[edit]

Notable people with the name include:


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