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BiFi Roll, BiFi Original

BiFi is an originally German brand of sausage-based snacks now owned by Link Snacks. In the original version, it is a thin, jerky-like salami; variations include a poultry-based salami, a salami wrapped in a white or wheat roll (BiFi Roll and BiFi Roll Korn), a roll filled with beef, beans and bacon (Ranger), and a roll filled with salami, cheese, and pizza sauce (BiFi Carazza). Larger versions of several of these products, distinguished by the ending "XXL," are available; these include the original BiFi, BiFi Roll, and BiFi Carazza.

In the United Kingdom, a similar snack called Peperami is sold, also by Jack Link's. It is made of pork following their decision to stop making the snack out of beef. The Peperami name was first used for the spicy version of BiFi in Germany, later known as Peperoni.[1]

The BiFi brand was originally registered in Germany in 1972[2] and later purchased by Unilever. On 21 February 2014, Unilever announced that it has signed a definitive agreement for the sale of its meat snacks business to Jack Link’s, for an undisclosed amount.[3] The sale includes the brands Bifi, sold in Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and Peperami, which retails in the UK and Ireland.


There are various types of BiFi:

Type Notes German name
Original These are small, but they can be bought in packs of five.
Original XXL A wider version of the original stick, with size and shape coming close to Peperami XXL
Peperoni A new version of the stick, made of pepperoni. Identical to the Peperami. Peperoni
Poultry Made of Salami and Turkey. Very smoked. Additionally sold in packs of four. Geflügel
Roll Salami in a coat of white bread. Quite similar to Peperoni Roll and Peperami Canniballs. Roll
Roll XXL Wider versions of the BiFi Roll. Roll XXL
Peperoni Roll Peperoni in a coat of white bread. Almost the same as the discontinued Peperami Canniballs. Roll Peperoni
Grain Roll Mini-sausage stored inside a grain roll. Similar to 'Roll', 'Roll XXL' and 'Peperoni Roll'. Roll Korn
Minis A bag of very small original BiFis, whilst the regular original stick is small but bigger. Minis
Carazza A square of sausage, and another square of cheese; inside pizza-like bread. Similar to Peperami Sarni. Carazza
Carazza XL A wider version of Carazza XL. Size is closer to the discontinued Peperami Sarni. Carazza XL
Ranger Smoked sausage, kidney beans and bacon in a roll. Does not carry the 'BiFi' name. Ranger
BiFi on Bread Packets of slices of different salamis. 'Original' and 'hot' (Scharf) versions are sold. BiFi auf's Brot
Energy A flavoured version of the original. Energy
Back Snack Contains BiFi in a tomato sauce wrapped in a crispy bread. Back Snack

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Like Peperami, BiFi's television advertising is humorous.

In the 1990s, BiFi copied the advertisements at the time for Peperami, featuring the "Animal". However, Ade Edmonson's English voice (for the Animal) was overdubbed with the German translations for the words, and the ending consequently features a BiFi packet, not a Peperami packet.

In 2001, BiFi "debuted" an advertising campaign featuring a supermarket/office area called Zomtec. There were ten adverts in the series, lasting even into 2003. They feature numerous characters and their "mishaps" with BiFi. One of the more famous ones (in English-language) featured a man "reach" for a BiFi, but someone else reaches for it first. Upset, other people offer him a BiFi, but it turns out to be a joke as one of the people offering him a BiFi licks the BiFi.

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