Biblioteca Nacional "Miguel Obregón Lizano"

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La Biblioteca Nacional “Miguel Obregon Lizano”
Logo costa rica biblioteca.jpg
CountryCosta Rica
LocationSan Jose
Legal deposityes
Nationalbibliothek von Costa Rica (Biblioteca Nacional "Miguel Obregón Lizano")
Ancient building of the National Library

La Biblioteca Nacional "Miguel Obregón Lizano" is the national library of Costa Rica in San Jose. It is tasked with curating the cultural heritage of Costa Rica and maintains three copies of every book ever published in the country in addition to other works. The library contains study areas and a reference desk but is not a public lending library. The library is located adjacent to the Parque Nacional, placing it in the center of many important government buildings.

The library was created in 1888 absorbing the collection of the University of St. Thomas that had closed in 1885.