Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band

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Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band
OriginOklahoma, USA
GenresString band
Years active1920s-1930s
LabelsRCA Victor
Past membersHenry Hall (1877-1941)
Harold Hall (1901-1986)
Clarence Hall (1908-1975)

Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band was a Choctaw Indian string band from Oklahoma, United States. The band was composed of members of the Hall family—Henry, father, on vocals and fiddle; and sons Clarence on guitar and Harold on banjo. They played from Wichita, Kansas.[1]

H. C. Speir, a music promoter from Jackson, Mississippi, heard them playing at the Choctaw Indian Fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He got them a recording contract with RCA Victor, who recorded a number of songs in Dallas, October 14, 1929.[2]


Original recording date October 14, 1929, Dallas.[3]
Session Title Recording
BVE 56382-2 Blue Bird Waltz V-40255
BVE 56383-2 Choctaw Waltz V-40255
BVE 56384-2 Indian Tom-Tom V-40281
BVE 56385-2 The Indian's Dream V-40281
BVE 56386-2 Cherokee Rag V-40195
BVE 56387-2 On The Banks Of The Kaney V-40195


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