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Big Gay Out is the name of a non-profit LGBT fair day in Auckland, New Zealand. The Big Gay Out has been running since the 1990s and is usually organised and run by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. The events title is based on the music festival Big Day Out. In 2012, the current Queen of Vinegar Hill, New Zealand attended the Big Gay Out to promote the camp at the end of the year.[1] In this fair Mr Gay New Zealand World is also chosen. In the United Kingdom, Faceparty's Big Gay Out was a live popular music event, dance party and funfair organized by the profile and community website Faceparty for the LGBT community, in London. It was held twice, in 2004 as part of London's Gay Pride, and again in 2005 separately from London Pride, both times in Finsbury Park. There was no Big Gay Out in 2006 due to the Europride celebrations, however a third event was planned for 2007, but never materialized. A portion of the profits made went to charities including Stonewall.

Line-ups and attendees[edit]

2004 event[edit]

2005 event[edit]

The 2005 Big Gay Out had many reformed bands and come-back artists, including:

Goldfrapp in the Popstarz tent

Babyshambles were scheduled to appear but, not entirely unexpectedly, did not show up.

Contestants of the popular show Playing It Straight also made an appearance, as did the 2005 Mr Gay UK finalists. Graham Norton also appeared introducing some acts.

2012 Event[edit]

Andreas Derleth won the Mr Gay New Zealand title held at the Big Gay Out[2] and went on to win Mr Gay World.[3] Prime Minister John Key also attended.[2]


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