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Big Gay Out
Big Gay Out 2011.jpg
Charles Chauvel and Grant Robertson at the Big Gay Out 2011
Location(s)Coyle Park
CountryNew Zealand
Years active2000 - Present
InauguratedFebruary 20, 2000 (2000-02-20)
FounderHero Festival Big Gay Out
Most recent10th February 2019
Organised byHero Festival (2000 - 2002)
New Zealand AIDS Foundation (2003 - Present)

Big Gay Out is the name a LGBT festival in New Zealand. The longer-running Big Gay Out is a non-profit LGBT fair day in Auckland, New Zealand. The Big Gay Out has been running since 2000 and is usually organised and run by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. In this fair Mr Gay New Zealand World is also chosen.

Line-ups and attendees[edit]

Hero Festival Big gay out 2003[edit]

An estimated of 8000 - 10,000 were in attendance at the 16 February 2003 Big Gay Out.[1]

Ansell Big gay out 2004[edit]

An estimated of 10,000 were in attendance at the 8 February 2004 Big Gay Out.[2]

Hero Festival Big gay out 2006[edit]

Acts on stage at the 2006 Big Gay Out included bands and solo artists, dance performers:[3][4]

Hero Festival Big gay out 2007[edit]

Acts on stage at the 2007 Big Gay Out included bands and solo artists, dance performers:[5]

An estimate of 12,000 people attended the 11 February 2007 Big Gay Out.[6]

Hero Festival Big gay out 2008[edit]

Acts on stage at the 2008 Big Gay Out included bands and solo artists, dance performers:[7]

  • Miss Buckwheat
  • Cindy of Samoa
  • Pulse

An estimate of 6000 - 7000 Attended the 10 February 2008 Big Gay Out. The event was at its lowest due to poor weather.[8]

NZAF Big gay out 2009[edit]

Acts on stage at the 2009 Big Gay Out included bands and solo artists, dance performers:[9]

  • Razor
  • Queenie
  • Cindy Of Samoa

An estimate of 10,000 People attended the 8 February 2009 Big Gay Out.[10]

Get It On! Big gay out 2010[edit]

Acts on stage at the 2010 Big Gay Out included bands and solo artists, dance performers, and stand-up comedians:

  • Sarah Lambourne (Flirt)
  • Opening Karakia
  • NZ Quilt Project
  • Tess Tickle
  • Dykes on Bikes
  • The Aroha Festival Launch!
  • Get it on! with your significant others
  • Kids & Dogs
  • Ramon
  • Steven Oates
  • Finale Restaurant & Cabaret
  • Urzila (comedian)
  • Beaver Brown
  • Larry - 'Signing' Singer
  • Jock Swap & Underwear models
  • Caluzzi Bar & Cabaret
  • Sheba Withers
  • Tug of War
  • Brittany
  • Manu Dolls
  • LA Thompson & Christ Barclay
  • Cindy of Samoa
  • Olaf & Keishia - 'U Want Me'
  • Razor
  • Will C Barling & sexy DJ Stevolicious
  • Annie Crummer [11]

Beenie Man was supposed to be one of many performers at the 2010 Big Gay Out, but he was pulled from the lineup in 2009 due controversial, anti-gay lyrics, including "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays." Despite Beenie Man's efforts to stay in the lineup, Big Day Out management decided that it would be best for the festival if his performance was removed.[12]

An estimate of 12,000 people attended the 14 February 2010 Big Gay Out.[13]

Get It On! Big gay out 2011[edit]

The 2011 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:

An estimate of over 10,000 people attended the 13 February 2011 Big Gay Out.

Get It On! Big gay out 2012[edit]

The 2012 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:

An estimate of over 14,000 people attended the 11 February 2012 Big Gay Out.[16] In 2012, the 2012 Queen of Vinegar Hill, Sam Shaw attended the Big Gay Out with his life partner Dion Williams to promote the camp at the end of the year.[17]

Get It On! Big gay out 2013[edit]

The 2013 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:[18]

An estimate of over 15,000 people attended the 10 February 2013 Big Gay Out.[19]

Love Your Condom Big gay out 2014[edit]

Performers and attendees at the 2014 Big Gay Out included:

  • African Rhumba & Kwasa Kwasa
  • Ale Abud Held
  • Sonic Delusion
  • Mike & The Aroha Project
  • Willie & Raymond
  • Sharvelle Charlotte
  • Charlotte Yates
  • Diamonds of Paradise
  • Fine Fatale
  • Kittens of the Internet
  • L.O.V.E
  • Family Bar Dragalicious
  • Lavina Williams
  • Legend Bar Showcase
  • LACE
  • Buckwheat & Tess Tickle
  • Urzila Carlson
  • Caluzzi Girls
  • Good Short
  • Cindy of Samoa [20]

An estimate of 15,000 people attended the 9 February 2014 Big Gay Out.[21]

Love Your Condom Big gay out 2015[edit]

The 2015 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:[22]

An estimate of 12,000 - 15,000 people attended the 8 February 2015. 20,000 condoms were distributed to the attendees and 209 people were tested for HIV.[23]

Love Your Condom Big gay out 2016[edit]

The 2016 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:

  • Ahakoa Te Aha
  • Anita Wigl'it and Kita Mean
  • Rowan and Travis
  • Drag King Performance
  • TAPAC - Night of the Queer
  • Alex Farell-Davey
  • Mr Gay NZ Contestants - Question Time
  • Emily Kopp (USA)
  • Ashley Tonga
  • Vallkyrie
  • Family Bar Showcase
  • Annie Crummer
  • Fine Fatale
  • Lavina Williams
  • Luke Bird
  • People Like Us (Musical Showcase)
  • Samantha Jade (AUS)
  • Cindy of Samoa [24]

Prime Minister John Key made his annual appearance at the 2016 Big Gay Out, but was booed off stage by anti-Trans Pacific Partnership protesters. Despite the group of roughly 30 protesters, John Key received positive feedback for his attendance at the festival.[25] An estimate of 10,000 people attended the 14 February 2016 Big Gay Out.[26]

Ending HIV Big gay out 2017[edit]

The 2017 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:

  • Openside [27]
  • Cindy of Samoa
  • Parson James
  • Ahakoa Te Aha
  • Jimmy Moore & Cas.D
  • Tuhoi Henry
  • Lavina Williams
  • The Pop Tarts
  • Charlotte Yates
  • The Diamonds
  • ANJI

Ending HIV Big gay out 2018[edit]

The 2018 Big Gay Out was cancelled due to server weather conditions.[28]

Ending HIV Big gay out 2019[edit]

The 2019 Big Gay Out had performances spanning from 12:00pm until 7:00pm, including:

  • Golfweather[29]
  • Openside
  • Jon Lemmon
  • Julia Clement
  • The Miltones
  • Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
  • White Chapel Jak
  • Burundian Drummers
  • Beth Goulstone
  • Iris G
  • Ahakoa Te Aha

Health Promotion[edit]

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation's Get it on! program uses the Big Gay Out festival as an avenue to promote safe sex and develop condom culture in New Zealand. A survey administered during the 2012 Big Gay Out festival determined that those who stayed longer were more knowledgeable and positive toward condom culture and felt that the Get it on! message was an empowering one. Survey participants also said the program "helped to educate men about safe sex" and "helped them feel good about having safe sex." [30] In 2014, Get It On! was dropped and LYC was adopted as the main message. Love Your Condom (LYC) is New Zealand Aids Foundation’s social marketing programme for gay and bisexual men. It addresses a complex mix of attitudinal, behavioural and social change amongst a community that can be difficult to define and reach. The LYC Social Marketing team talks about the programme’s history, the challenges they face and what keeps them loving what they do.[31] In 2017, New Zealand Aids Foundation dropped Love Your Condom and created a new campaign called Ending HIV. It has a goal of ending new HIV transmission in New Zealand by 2025. The campaign highlight key points including:[32]

  • Playing safe. Which means safe sex with the use of condoms and taking PrEP.[33]
  • Testing Often. Most HIV transmissions happen with people who don't know they have HIV and have unprotected sex. Testing often will diagnose people with HIV and get them onto treatment which will help stop spreading HIV.[34]
  • Treat Early. Treating early not only protects personal health, but it also reduces the chance of transmitting HIV to another person.[35]
  • Ending HIV Stigma. Stigma refers to prejudice and discrimination towards people living with HIV, their friends, partners and whānau. Even though HIV stigma was at its peak during the early days of the AIDS epidemic, many people living with HIV still experience prejudice on a daily basis.[36]


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