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Big Harp is a medium easy game of solitaire played with 104 playing cards. It has one more stack than double Klondike, which makes the game easier. This game is called "Die Pyramide" in Germany (Rudolf Heinrich, 1976), however this name is already taken in English for Pyramid (solitaire).


Figure 1: Big Harp - Setup

Use two decks of cards. Shuffle them and deal 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 hidden cards on the 10 cascades. Now add one row of open cards and you are ready to go.


Figure 2: Big Harp - Game in Progress

Try to build ascending from the aces on the 8 foundations and use the Klondike red on black alternating color rule to build cascades. If stuck, draw card by card from the stock to the waste. The game allows you to recycle the waste stack exactly one time. Empty cascades can accept any card (easy variation) or only kings (harder variation).


Rudolf Heinrich, 1976, “Die schönsten Patiencen”. Perlen-Reihe 641, 18th and 27th Edition, probably out of print, ISBN 3-85223-095-0, Perlen-Reihe Verlag, Wien

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