Bigamy Act 1603

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Long title An Act to restrain all Persons from Marriage until their former Wives and former Husbands be dead.
Citation 1 Jac 1 c 11
Repealed 1 July 1828
Other legislation
Repealed by Offences against the Person Act 1828, section 1
Status: Repealed

The Bigamy Act 1604 (1 Jac 1 c 11) was an Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of England. It created the offence of bigamy as a capital felony. Bigamy had not previously been a temporal offence (that is to say, within the jurisdiction of the common law courts as opposed to the ecclesiastical courts).[1]

Further provision was made by the 35 Geo 3 c 67.

Section 1[edit]


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