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Bilasipara is a town, sub-division and town area committee in Dhubri district in the state of Assam, India.


This town was once called Bilasupara, which was named for a river merchant named Bilasu Bura. With the passing of time, the town got its new name, Bilasipara.


This town is under Bilasipara Town committee (BTC) and is part of two MLA constituency namely 27 Bilasipara East 26 Bilasipara West. It has a population of approximately fifty thousand (excluding the Bilasipara sub-division). The widely-spoken language of the town is 'Ujani'; the locals call it 'Desi'. People of many religions, castes and mother-tongues are found here.

The official population of the town in 2015 is more than 50,000. The MLA of 27 Bilasipara East constituency is Ashok Singhi (BJP) and the MLA of 26 Bilasipara West is Hafiz Bashir Ahmed (AIUDF)


Bilasipara is located at 26°14′N 90°14′E / 26.23°N 90.23°E / 26.23; 90.23.[1] It has an average elevation of 26 metres (85 feet).

The outer parts of the town suffer from flooding almost yearly; it poses a major problem.


A large number of people residing near the town in the sub-divisional areas are involved in farming and food production. Products available in the market are mostly from the nearby villages and the surrounding area. Paddy fields line either side of the highway. The fields produce mustard seeds in their season. Food and paddy products are exported to other towns, cities and states. A river known as Gaurang, which is a tributary of the Brahmaputra, enters the town from the east. It is the only water source other than small lakes and ponds.


Bilasipara College administrative building which was originally the residence of local zamindar

This town is well known for its educational institutions. There are many English medium and Assamese medium schools in the town, and Hindi and Bengali medium schools and colleges.



  • Bilasipara Public H.S. School
  • I.N. Academy H.S. School
  • Rokakhata H.S. School
  • Konmoina Jatiya Bidyalaya
  • The Phoenix Academy
  • Kids Garden English medium School
  • K.M.Little Flower English Medium High School
  • Shankardev Shishu Aru Vidya Niketan
  • Hakama Girls' High School
  • Town Girls High School
  • Milijuli jatiyavidyalaya khudigaon
  • 327 No. Dwarakanath L.P. School
  • Eden Valley School
  • 1631 No. Sri Sri Durga Pathshala
  • B.C.F. Academy, Surjya Khata
  • J.A. Adarsha Jatiya Vidyalaya, Surjya Khata
  • Bangalipara MEM School
  • Surjya Khata L.P. School
  • Al-Amin Academy
  • 2048 No. Saheed Smriti Vidya Niketan
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Academy
  • Sun Rise Academy
  • Sunflower English Medium High School

Health and medical services[edit]

The town has one civil hospital, one SHC hospital and a few private clinics.

Music, arts and literature[edit]

Traditionally, Goalparia music is the main form of traditional music here.

Transport and communication[edit]

The town is connected by bus routes and a railway track is under construction; it is expected to be in service in 2018. For inter-town transport, 3-wheeler and 4 wheeler passenger carriers, rickshaws and tuk-tuks are available.