Bilbao-Abando railway station

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Abando-Indalecio Prieto
Bilbao Abando 16-07-2008 001.jpg
Upper level, platforms area.
Location Calle Hurtado de Amézaga 1
Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)
Coordinates 43°15′36″N 2°55′37″W / 43.259925°N 2.926869°W / 43.259925; -2.926869
Owned by Adif (since 2007), RENFE (1943-2007)
Line(s) Cercanías: C1, C2, C3; Metro: 1/2; Tram: A
Platforms Over-grade
Tracks 8 (covered)
Connections EuskoTran (tramway)
Metro Bilbao (subway)
FEVE (Bilbao-Concordia)
Structure type At-grade
Platform levels 3
Parking yes
Bicycle facilities yes
Other information
Station code ABD
Opened 1870
Rebuilt 1940s
Electrified yes
Cercanías Bilbao, Talgo, Alvia, Estrella, Diurno

Estación de Abando Indalecio Prieto, also known as Bilbao-Abando and locally named as Estación del Norte ("North Station") is a railway terminal station located on Abando, the sixth district of Bilbao. It is the main and most important train station of Bilbao. It is located in the center of the city, in the neighborhood of Abando (on the district of the same name), near the Circular Square (formerly known as Spain Square) and the Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro. Its name, which until 2006 was simply "Bilbao-Abando", comes from a former minister of Public Works and Transportation, who during the Second Spanish Republic worked for the improvement of railway services in Spain. The stations hosts several services, like a shopping mall and several restaurants. It is also connected with the Bilbao-Concordia station, a FEVE railway station located next to Bilbao-Abando. The station has a direct access to Metro Bilbao.

It links several railway services and urban transportation means, like Cercanías, Renfe, FEVE, Metro Bilbao, EuskoTran, Bilbobus and Bizkaibus. In the future, the high-speed trains that conform the "Basque Y" will also reach this station.

Services and connections[edit]

The stations serves national railway lines of RENFE, regional rail services of FEVE, commuter rail systems of both FEVE and Cercanías Bilbao, and rapid transit systems of Metro Bilbao and Bilbao's Tramway.

  • Renfe operates different national lines from this station to other cities, or from other cities to this one, as it is a terminus station.
  • FEVE operates both regional rail and commuter rail services. It operates in the Bilbao-Concordia station, which is adjacent to Bilbao-Abando. Both stations are connected. Bilbao-Concordia serves as terminus station for both regional and commuter services and main hub for the second ones. The station can be accessed from Bailén street or the right exit of Bilbao-Abando.
  • This station is the main hub and center for the Cercanías Bilbao service, a commuter rail service of Renfe. Three lines operate on this station, Cercanías 1 Bilbao-Abando/Santurtzi (line C1), Cercanías 2 Bilbao-Abando/Muskiz (line C2) and Cercanías 3 Bilbao-Abando/Orduña (line C3). The rail tracks for Cercanías are situated on the upper level of the station, on tracks numbered 1 to 5. Its fare zone is "Zone 0".
  • There are two accesses for the Cercanías Bilbao tracks in the station.
    • Upper level of the station, right side
    • Madrid-MetroAscensor.PNG Main hall of the station (two elevators connecting).

From Bilbao-Abando[edit]

Preceding station   Renfe Operadora   Following station
Miranda de Ebro
toward Madrid Chamartín
  Alvia   Terminus
Miranda de Ebro
toward Barcelona Sants
toward Vigo-Guixar
  Intercity   Terminus
Miranda de Ebro
toward Málaga María Zambrano
  Estrella "Picasso"   Terminus
Terminus Media Distancia
Preceding station   Cercanías Bilbao   Following station
toward Santurtzi
  C-1   Terminus
toward Muskiz
toward Orduña

From Bilbao-Concordia[edit]

Preceding station   Renfe Feve   Following station
toward La Calzada
  B-1   Terminus
toward Santander
toward La Robla
toward León

Metro Bilbao[edit]

The metro station is an underground station with an entrance from the train station. Currently, it serves for Line 1 and Line 2 of the network. It was opened on November 11, 1995 and it is one of the busiest stations of the network.

Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Plentzia or Bidezabal
Line 1
toward Etxebarri
toward Santurtzi
Line 2
toward Basauri


"Abando Station", of Line A of Bilbao's Tram, operated by EuskoTran, is located between Bilbao-Abando and Bilbao-Concordia, in Navarra Street.

Pío Baroja
toward Basurto
  EuskotranA.PNG Line A   Arriaga
toward Bilbao-Atxuri


In the station's exterior there are located three BizkaiBus stops with connection to the Left Bank and the comarcas of Busturialdea and Durangaldea. Bilbobus has five stops in the station's exterior, linking it with all the neighborhoods and districts of the city.

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