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Bilbo can refer to:

  • Bilbo Baggins, protagonist of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Bilbo, the Basque name for Bilbao, the major city in the Basque Country of northern Spain
  • Bilboes, iron restraints placed on a person's ankles or wrists
  • Bilbo (sword), a type of sword thought to be named after the Spanish city
  • Bilbo (band), Scottish band


  • Damarius Bilbo (born 1982), American football player
  • Jack Bilbo (1907–1967), European writer, art gallery owner, and artist
  • Theodore G. Bilbo (1877–1947), white supremacist Governor of and Senator from Mississippi
  • William Bilbo (ca. 1815–1877), attorney, journalist, and entrepreneur who lobbied for passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Nickname of Robert Walker (musician) (1937–2017), blues musician
  • Nickname of Ernest Berger, drummer for Heatwave (band)


  • 2991 Bilbo, an asteroid
  • Bilbo, the UK's first fully qualified canine lifeguard or 'lifedog'
  • Bilbo, the name Fionn Regan used for an early album
  • BILBO (Birth before 29 weeks: interventions leading to better outcomes for mothers and babies), a project of the Canadian Perinatal Network