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Bill Myers is an American Christian author, film director and film producer. He was born in Seattle, Washington on September 9, 1953.

Myers is most notable for the animated series McGee and Me! He is an author of books from many genres, including comedy, horror, thriller, fiction, and non-fiction. He has written over 80 books.[1]


Bill Myers was born into a Christian home and became bored with Christianity. To combat the boredom, he decided at the University of Washington to make a promise to always say yes to God. Ironically, at the University, his worst subject was writing. He prayed and said that he would do anything for God except write. He attended the Italian State Institute for Cinema and Television and began writing and directing several independent films. Later he began to write bestselling books and novels for children, teens, and adults in the inspirational market. To date, his work has won over 70 national and international awards, including the C.S. Lewis Honor Award.[2]

His video series McGee and Me! is about a typically average, mild-mannered boy named Nicholas Martin, who has what appears to be an imaginary friend named McGee. The series chronicles the boy's various adventures, ending with him learning a moral or spiritual lesson.[3]

He is the author of Bloodhounds Inc., a series of Christian comedy/detective books for children. Beginning in 2001, Marcia Silen Films produced a video/DVD series adapted from Bloodhounds, Inc. which featured Richard Thomas and Richard Kiel.[4]

Another children's book series he authored, "The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle," has sold over 2.2 million books.

Myers also writes adult novels; his 2000 novel Eli presents the story of Jesus transposed to a contemporary setting.[5]

To date, he has authored over 125 books for children, teens, and adults. He is currently president of Amaris Media International, a TV, film, and media production company.


Where Eagles Fly (1977) My Brothers Keeper (1978) A Long Way Home (1980) More Than a Champion (1981) The Winning Circle (1981) One Heartbeat Away (1982) Cry Freedom (1982) Choices (1983) Bamboo in Winter (1990) Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog, Splat (2019) McGee and Me!

  • The Not-So-Great Escape (1989)
  • Big Lie (1990)
  • Skate Expectations (1990)
  • Star in the Breaking (1990)
  • Twas the Fight Before Christmas (1990)
  • Twister and Shout (1990)
  • Take Me Out of the Ball Game (1993)



  • Journeys to Fayrah / The Imager Chronicles (different names for the same series), collected as the Bloodstone Chronicles
  • The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle
  • Forbidden Doors
  • Fire of Heaven
    • Blood of Heaven, (ISBN 0-7862-1958-0)
    • Threshold
    • Fire of Heaven
  • Eli
  • The Face of God
  • When the Last Leaf Falls
  • The Judas Gospel
  • The God Hater
  • Bloodhounds Inc.
  • Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog, Splat
  • Soul Tracker
  • The Presence
  • The Seeing
  • TJ and the Time Stumblers
  • The Elijah Project
  • Truth Seekers
  • Harbingers


Bloodhounds, Inc. series[edit]

  1. The Ghost of KRZY (1997), ISBN 1-55661-890-5
  2. The Mystery of The Invisible Knight (1997), ISBN 1-55661-891-3
  3. Phantom of the Haunted Church (1998), ISBN 1-55661-892-1
  4. Invasion of the UFO's (1998), ISBN 1-55661-893-X
  5. Fangs for the Memories (1999), ISBN 1-55661-489-6
  6. Case of the Missing Minds (1999) ISBN 1-55661-490-X
  7. The Secret of the Ghostly Hot Rod (2000) ISBN 1-55661-491-8
  8. I Want My Mummy (2000) ISBN 1-55661-492-6
  9. The Curse of the Horrible Hair Day (2001) ISBN 0-7642-2437-9
  10. The Scam of the Screwball Wizards (2001) ISBN 0-7642-2438-7
  11. Mystery of the Melodies from Mars (2002) ISBN 0-7642-2623-1
  12. Room with a Boo (2002) ISBN 0-7642-2624-X

Non fiction[edit]

Additional bibliography[edit]

  • Hot Topics, Tough Questions (1987)
  • Jesus: An Eyewitness Account (1988)
  • More Hot Topics (1989)
  • More Hot Topics: Rip Offs (1989)
  • Christ, B.C: Becoming Closer Friends with the Hidden Christ of the Old Testament (1990)
  • Baseball for Breakfast: The Story of a Boy Who Hated to Wait (1999)
  • Then Comes Marriage: A Novella (2001) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)


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