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William Gerard Robertie (born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States on July 9, 1946) is a backgammon, chess, and poker player and author. He is one of five backgammon players to have won the World Backgammon Championship twice (in 1983 and in 1987). Robertie also won the Pro-Am in the Bahamas in the year 1993 and the Istanbul World Cup in 1994.[1] In chess, Robertie won the 1970 U.S. Speed Chess tournament.[2]

Robertie graduated from Harvard. Robertie co-authored a popular series of books on tournament no-limit Texas hold'em with 1995 World Champion Dan Harrington, entitled Harrington on Hold 'em. The books were published by Two Plus Two Publishing.

Books by Bill Robertie[edit]


  • How To Play The Opening in Backgammon - Part 1: A New Way of Thinking; Gammon Press (2020), ISBN 978-1-880604-23-6
  • Advanced Backgammon, Volume 1 : Positional Play; Gammon Press (1991), ISBN 1-880604-11-6
  • Advanced Backgammon, Volume 2 : Technical Play; Gammon Press (1991), ISBN 1-880604-12-4
  • Backgammon for Winners; Cardoza Publishing (1993), ISBN 1-58042-043-5
  • Backgammon for Serious Players; Cardoza Publishing (1997), ISBN 0-940685-68-X
  • 501 Essential Backgammon Problems; Cardoza Publishing (2000), ISBN 1-58042-019-2
  • Modern Backgammon; The Gammon Press (2001), ISBN 1-880604-17-5
  • Lee Genud versus Joe Dwek, The Gammon Press (1982)
  • Advanced Backgammon, The Gammon Press (1984)
  • Reno 1986, The Gammon Press (1987)
  • Winning from the Machine, The Gammon Press (1993)



  • Harrington on Hold'em: Volume I: Strategic Play, Two Plus Two Publishing (2004) ISBN 1-880685-33-7
  • Harrington on Hold'em: Volume II: The Endgame, Two Plus Two Publishing (2005) ISBN 1-880685-35-3
  • Harrington on Hold'em: Volume III: The Workbook, Two Plus Two Publishing (2006) ISBN 1-880685-36-1
  • Harrington on Cash Games: Volume I, Two Plus Two Publishing (2008) ISBN 1-880685-42-6
  • Harrington on Cash Games: Volume II, Two Plus Two Publishing (2008) ISBN 1-880685-43-4
  • Harrington on Online Cash Games, Two Plus Two Publishing (2010)
  • Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker, Two Plus Two Publishing (2014)


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