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BioSphere Plastic
Headquarters Portland, OR, USA
Products BioSphere Biodegradable Plastic Additive

BioSphere Plastic is a manufacturer of biodegradable additives. The company states that their product enhances the biodegradation of synthetic polymers by addition of their technology. It has a capacity at or around 5,800 metric tons a year and has filed for patent protection over their additive worldwide.

BioSphere Plastic released their test reports showing biodegradability of Polyethylene and Polypropylene for public review in July 2012.[1]

BioSphere Plastic scientists have studied microbial biodegradation of polymers and have used this information to increase biodegradation of plastic made with their plastic additives.[2]


BioSphere Plastic offices are located in Portland, OR, USA,[3] Santiago, Chile,[4] and Bangkok, Thailand.[5]

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