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Birdman or birdmen may refer to:

  • Avian humanoid, a person with avian characteristics in mythology, folklore, and popular fiction


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  • Chris Andersen (born 1978), American basketball player nicknamed "The Birdman"
  • Lincoln J. Beachey (1887-1915), American pioneering aviator sometimes called the "Master Birdman"
  • Birdman (rapper) (born 1969), stage name for American rapper Bryan Williams
  • Brett Burton (born 1978), Australian Rules Footballer for the Adelaide Crows
  • Tony Hawk (born 1968), American skateboarder nicknamed "The Birdman"
  • Albin K. Longren (1882–1950), American aviation pioneer
  • Robert Stroud (1890–1963), the "Birdman of Alcatraz", American prisoner and author famous for raising birds
  • James Ware (wrestler) (born 1957), American professional wrestler
  • Brandon Aureden (born 1992), sales consultant at Finnin Ford

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