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The Bishop of North Queensland, exercises episcopal leadership over the Diocese of North Queensland of the Anglican Church of Australia.

The seat of the bishop is at St James's Cathedral, Townsville, Queensland.

List of Bishops of North Queensland[edit]

Bishops of North Queensland
From Until Incumbent Notes Photo
1878 1891 George Henry Stanton
StateLibQld 2 113884 Bishop George Henry Stanton, Bishop of North Queensland, ca. 1905.jpg
1891 1902 Christopher George Barlow Bishop of Goulburn (1902-1915) Christopher George Barlow Bishop of North Queensland 1891-1902.jpg
1902 1913 George Horsfall Frodsham Bishop George Horsfall Frodsham.tif
1913 1947 John Oliver Feetham JohnOliverFeetham.jpg
1947 1952 Wilfrid Bernard Belcher
1953 1970 Ian Wotton Allnutt Shevill Afterwards Bishop of Newcastle
1971 1996 Hurtle John Lewis Previously with the Society of the Sacred Mission
1996 2002 Clyde Maurice Wood Previously Bishop of the Northern Territory
2002 2007 John Ashley Noble
2007 Incumbent William James Ray


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