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The former French Catholic diocese of Vence existed until the French Revolution. Its see was at Vence in Provence, in the modern department of Alpes Maritimes.

After the Concordat of 1801, the territory of the diocese passed to the diocese of Nice.


The first known Bishop of Vence is Severus, bishop in 439 and perhaps as early as 419. Among others are: St. Veranus, son of St. Eucherius, Archbishop of Lyons and a monk of Lérins, bishop before 451 and at least until 465; St. Lambert, first a Benedictine monk (died 1154); Alessandro Farnese (1505–11).

Antoine Godeau, Bishop of Grasse, was named Bishop of Vence in 1638; the Holy See wished to unite the two dioceses. Meeting with opposition from the chapter and the clergy of Vence Godeau left Grasse in 1653, to remain Bishop of Vence, which see he held until 1672.[1]


Bishops of Vence
Tenure Name remarks
ca. 363 Andinus
374 Eusebius
412 Juvinius
419, 439 Severe
442, 447 Arcadius
451-492 Saint Véran
492-528 Saint Prosper
528-541 Firmin
541-587 Deuthère
587 Fronime de Bourges previously bishop of Agde
ca. 644 Aurélien
645-865 (unknown)
866 Lieutaud
878 Waldère
878 Witrède
880-896 (unknown)
896, 898 Hugo
995-1015 Arnold
1015-1060 Durand
1060-1114 Pierre I.
1114-1154 Saint Lambert of Vence
1154-1176 Raimond I.
1176-1193 Guillaume I. Giraud
1193-1210 Pierre II. de Grimaldi
1214 (unknown)
1216, 1220 Raimond II.
1222-1257 Guillaume II. Riboti
1257-1263 Pierre III.
1263-1290 Guillaume III. de Sisteron
1291-1308 Pierre IV. d'Avignon
1308-1312 Foulques I.
1312-1319 Pierre V.
1319-1324 Raymond III.
1324-1325 Pierre VI. Malirati
1325-1328 Foulques II. Chatelmi
1328-1335 Raymond IV.
1335-1346 Arnaud Barcillon
1347-1348 Jean I. Coci
1348-1360 Guillaume IV. de Digne
1360-1375 Étienne de Digne
1375-1399 Boniface du Puy
1384-1404 Jean II. Abrahardi
1404-1409 Raphael I.
1409-1415 Jean III.
1415-1420 Paul I. de Caire
1420-1439 Louis I. de Glandèves
1439-1459 Antoine I. Sabranti
1459-1463 Armand I.
1463-1491 Raphaël II. Monso
1491-1494 Jean de Vesc also bishop of Agde
1494-1501 Aimar de Vesc
1508-1511 Alexander Farnese
1511-1522 Jean-Baptiste Bonjean (Beaujean)
1522-1530 Robert Canalis (Ceneau)
1530-1541 Balthazar de Jarente
1541-1554 Nicolas de Jarente
1555-1560 Jean-Baptiste Raimbaud de Simiane
1560-1575 Louis Grimaldi de Beuil
1576-1588 Audin de Garidelli
1588-1601 Guillaume Le Blanc
1601-1638 Pierre du Vair
1638-1671 Antoine Godeau
1672-1681 Louis de Thomassin also bishop of Sisteron
1682-1685 Théodore Alart (Allart)
1686-1697 Jean-Balthazar de Cabannes de Viens
1697-1714 François de Berton de Crillon also archbishop of Vienne
1714-1727 Flodoard Maret (Moret) de Bourchenu † 1744
1728-1754 Jean-Baptiste de Surian
1755-1758 Jacques de Grasse de Bar also bishop of Angers
1758-1763 Gabriel-François Moreau also bishop of Mâcon
1763-1769 Michel-François de Couët du Vivier de Lorry also bishop of Tarbes and bishop of Angers
1769-1771 Jean de Cayrol de Médaillan also bishop of Grenoble
1772-1783 Antoine-René de Bardonnenche
1784-1790 Charles-François-Joseph Pisani de La Gaude then bishop of Namur

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