Bisou (band)

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Origin Germany
Genres Pop, dance-pop, R&B
Years active 2007–2008
Labels ersguterjunge
Associated acts Bushido
Members Eliana D'Ippolito
Elvira Michieva
Kristina Neuwert

Bisou (French for kiss) is a German girl group founded by rapper Bushido.


Before the band sang at The Dome, Bushido wanted to keep the band as a secret, however singer Senna Guemmour from group Monrose, who knew about the secret, told it to a magazine. Elvira Michieva and Guemmour met in person backstage in Bravo Supershow and after a short debate, they got into a brawl with each other. Coat hangers and rails were used as weapons and Michieva was left with Guemmour's fingerprints on her neck.[1]




  • 2007: "Die erste Träne" ("The first tear")
  • 2007: "Die Sonne geht auf" ("The sun rises")


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