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Popstars 2015
StarringMiss Platnum
Stefanie Heinzmann
Bella Garcia
Country of originGermany
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time96 min.
Original networkRTL II
Picture formatPAL
Original releaseAugust 17th, 2015 –
October, 10th 2015
Preceded byPopstars: Der Weg Ist Das Ziel
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Popstars 2015 was the eleventh and final season of Popstars, in which aspiring female singers aged 16 or older competed for a place in a new band. The show returned to its original broadcaster RTL II, which aired seasons 1 and 2 of the show. With the previous bands lacking success, the production intended to return to the show's roots and focus more on the singing and the search for different types of singers.[citation needed] The show aired on Mondays at 8:15 pm. Due to very low ratings, the show was moved to 9:15 pm.[1] However, ratings continued to drop and the show was kicked off the prime time and moved to a slot airing Saturdays at 6:00 pm.[2]


In this season, the casting phase was skipped; instead, the producers looked for talented girls all over Germany using social media and YouTube. In the end, 27 girls were invited to audition in front of the jury. After each contestant gave a solo singing performance and participated in group choreography, the jury chose 18 girls to enter the POPSTARS Academy.[citation needed]

"POPSTARS Academy"

Instead of the Workshop phase introduced in earlier seasons, the girls entered the POPSTARS Academy. During their 8-week stay at the Academy, the contestants worked on their singing and dancing skills, songs for their future band, performed as groups in front of the judges, faced eliminations, and got ready for their future life as a band.


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Name Age Hometown
Alena 16 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Christin 24 Cottbus
Gabriela 27 Wien
Gina Christin 17 Syke
Ina 23 Bad Griesbach
Larissa 18 Herzebrock
Laura 21 Oberhausen
Nadja 23 Rostock
Nini 23 Wien
Patricia 17 Düsseldorf
Pauline 16 Mühlhausen
Sabrina 23 Berlin
Selina 21 Wien
Sophie 17 Kleinmachnow
Terry-Joe 16 Hamburg
Timea 20 Tübingen
Ulana 22 Berlin
Veneranda 19 Hanau
Lorena 20 Schweinfurt
Ludivine 20 Saarbrücken
Maria 25 Bitterfeld
Mariam 17 Berlin
Ramona 16 Berlin
Susanne 20 Wien
Susanne 19 Hamburg
Svenja 22 Landstuhl
Virgina 25 Saarbrücken

Judge's Call-out order[edit]

Judge's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Nadja Laura Alena Sophie Gabriela Alena Sabrina Sabrina
2 Virginia Gabriela Terry-Joe Selina Nadja Patricia Selina Alena
3 Gina Christin Nini Pauline Timea Sabrina Sabrina Alena Timea
4 Timea Larissa Laura Veneranda Selina Nadja Veneranda Selina
5 Alena Pauline Gabriella Terry-Joe Terry-Joe Selina Timea Veneranda
6 Ramona Nadja Nadja Sabrina Alena Gabriela Patricia Patricia
7 Gabriela Selina Sabrina Laura Timea Veneranda Nadja
8 Mariam Alena Selina Alena Patricia Terry-Joe
9 Veneranda Veneranda Sophie Nadja Veneranda Timea
10 Sabrina Ulana Ina Patricia Ina Sophie
11 Ludivine Sophie Ulana Gabriela Sophie
12 Sophie Patricia Veneranda Pauline
13 Larissa Sabrina Patricia Ina
14 Susanne Ina Timea
15 Terry-Joe Timea Larissa
16 Ina Terry-Joe
17 Patricia Christin
18 Laura Gina Christin
19 Lorena
20 Selina
21 Ulana
22 Christin
23 Svenja
24 Susanne
25 Pauline
26 Maria
27 Nini
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant advanced without performing cause of sickness
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 2, Gina Christin quit the competition, and took no part in judging or call-out.
  • In episode 3, Alena was sick, and took no part in judging or call-out.
  • In episode 4, Ina was sick, and took no part in judging or call-out. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Ina not learning her verdict until the beginning of the next episode.
  • In episode 7, Nadja quit the competition, and took no part in judging or call-out. Despite of that, no one was eliminated.


Episode 01: Auditions[edit]

Aired on August 17th, 2015

After an intensive selection process 27 young women compete to kick off the new "Popstars" season and compete for the coveted places in the academy. Some candidates get right away an opportunity to sing for the jury, while others still have time until the next day to prepare. Friendships start to blossom - but the nervousness increases. The next day after the audition Bella Garcia checked the dance talent of the young women. During an intense choreography training some of them stand out, others have little experience in the dance hall and find it difficult. The candidates rehearse the choreography and eventually perform the choreography in groups in front of the jury. Following Stefanie, Miss Platnum and Bella retire for deliberation to decide which 18 girls will enter the Academy and which 9 will be eliminated.

Advanced to next week: Alena, Christin, Gabriela, Gina Christin, Ina, Larissa, Laura, Nadja, Nini, Patricia, Pauline, Sabrina, Selina, Sophie, Terry -Jo, Timea, Ulana and Veneranda.

Eliminated: Maria, Virginia, Svenja, Susi, Susanne, Ramona, Mariam, Ludivine and Lorena

Episode 02: Interpretation[edit]

Aired on August 24th, 2015

The Academy life begins: Following a timetable train the remaining girls in their group songs, share the verses on each other and practice the choreography for her appearance in the first decision show. Candidates learn their new coaches know: vocal coach are Jini Meyer, singer of the band Luxuslärm, and a native of New York Pamela Falcon. Bella Garcia gets support from dance coach Pepita Maria Bauhardt from Berlin.

In a rehearsal room set, the participants meet Miss Platnum and Stefanie Heinzmann. The two jurors jam with the girls, interpret them together with different songs and learn as the voices of the girls know. The two professional singers give valuable advice to each of the young musicians. In a jury hour the girls share in small rounds with Stefanie Heinzmann and speak for the first time about their concerns and desires. Miss Platnum in turn supports the girls in the Vocal Sessions and works closely with the various groups.

At the end of the second episode, the first decision show is on. Just before the show one of the candidates leaves voluntarily. Will she support her band members on the stage or have the remaining girls to divide the song again and shortly develop a different performance? Who needs to leave the Academy at this early stage again.

Songs Performed This Week

Advanced to next week: Gabriella, Laura, Sabrina, Ina, Patricia, Selina, Alena, Timea, Terry-Jo, Larissa, Pauline, Nadja, Veneranda, Ulana and Sophie.

Left voluntary: Gina-Christin

Eliminated: Nini and Christin

Episode 03: Sarah Connor Playlist[edit]

Aired on August 31th, 2015

Guest Star/Coach: Sarah Connor

A big surprise for the candidates: none other than pop star Sarah Connor welcomed the girls via Skype and announced to them the weekly task: They will perform some pieces from her new album "Muttersprache". Then the girls work out the songs and learn the choreography with the support of a juror Bella Garcia and Coach Pepita Maria Bauhardt. The absolute highlight for the candidates is a personal vocal coaching session with Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor is extremely pleased by a group and said: "You are for me the band"

In addition, the girls now attend a daily endurance training with Bella Garcia and have the opportunity to interact in a jury-appointment with Miss Platnum. Overall it is a very emotive week. Even in dance training with Pepita flow a lot of tears and for another emotional moment also ensures juror Stefanie Heinzmann: She hands the girl letters of their relatives and friends. After that there's no holding back ...

At the end of the third episode the girls enter another decision Show. performs with her band at the beginning of the title "Kommst Du Mit Mir" from her hit album "Muttersprache". Thereafter, the candidates will present their songs in front of the jury. Stefanie Heinzmann is in this case, represented by Jini Meyer, singer of the band Luxuslärm. May this time all candidates remain at the Academy? Or will a couple of them leave the academy? [3]

Songs performed this week

Advanced to next week: Patricia, Timea, Veneranda, Pauline, Laura, Terry-Joe, Sabrina, Selina, Nadja, Gabriella, Ina and Sophie

Advanced to next week without performing cause of sickness: Alena

Eliminated: Ulana and Larissa

Episode 04: Girlband vs Boyband[edit]

Aired on September 7th, 2015

The motto of the fourth episode: Girlband vs. Boyband. In addition, for the first time the decision show takes place in front of live audience and the girls learn about healthy eating and improve their English skills.

Again during week 4 pretty much is demanded from the Contestants: They need to learn sophisticated choreography for Girl- and boyband songs and in addition to the normal endurance training with Bella and Pepita an extra training is with the Flying Steps is scheduled. In addition, the girls visit TV chef Ole Plogstedt. There they learn about healthy eating and, above all need what foods artist on strenuous tours to stay fit. Together with Ole Plogstedt prepare the girls to four different healthy dishes.

The girls also work on their English skills. Together with an English teacher Nick Karry they go through their lyrics, work on their pronunciation and learn to master English tongue twisters.

Several of the candidates begin to sicken and a girl even falls completely out of the decision show. What to do?

At the end of this episode, the contestants perform the first time in front of the live audiences. Many family members and friends have come to support their loved ones. Before and after the show tearful reunions happen. As opening act of the decision show the Flying Steps come with their piece "Flying Bach" and show all their dancing skills. Divided into four groups performing the girls their Girl- and boyband songs. Who can convince the strict jury and who needs to turn their backs on the Academy? [4]

Songs Performed This Week

Advanced to next week: Patricia, Timea, Veneranda, Alena, Sabrina, Selina, Nadja, Sophie, Terry-Joe and Gabriella,

Decision not announced, the Contestant didn't perform cause of sickness: Ina

Eliminated: Laura and Pauline

Episode 05: Deutsche Songs[edit]

Aired on September 14th, 2015

Guest Star/Coaches: Glasperlenspiel

In the fifth episode of "Popstars" everything revolves around the theme of "German songs" and as a reward three girls may accompany Stefanie Heinzmann to a gig in Switzerland. As guest stars this "Glasperlenspiel" come to the Popstars-Academy.

In week 5 of "Popstars" German songs are in the center of attention. In a workshop led by judge Miss Platnum, the candidates themselves write German songs. And that's harder than you might think at first. The girls show the results in front of this time's guest stars, the duo "Glasperlenspiel". In the decision show that again takes place in front of a live audience, Glasperlenspiel are also performing their current title " Geiles Leben". But the sport is not neglected: In addition to a freestyle dance coaching with Pepita there is a yoga session yoga teacher Janina.

But a special highlight is the joint appearance with juror Stefanie Heinzmann at the Gurten Festival in Switzerland. Therefor, three Popstars contestants accompany her, who most excelled and developed during their training at the Academy.

Meanwhile, back at the academy the situation escalates: All home residents have a problem with a certain candidate. Because the girls can not solve the conflict itself, two of them are looking for help with a juror Bella Garcia. Can she help them?

The result is again a decision show in front of a live audience, in which the candidates perform into three groups split two German titles and give their best. Who is allowed to continue his education and who needs to pack their bags? [5]

Songs performed this week:

Contestant advanced to this week after decision wasn't announced last week: Ina

Advanced to next week: Gabriella, Nadja, Sabrina, Selina, Terry-Joe, Alena, Timea, Patricia, Veneranda and Sophie

Eliminated: Ina

Episode 06: Big Female Voices[edit]

Aired on September 21st, 2015

The sixth episode of "Popstars" is going under the motto "Big Female Voices". In addition The Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen comes to the Academy and sings her smash hit "I Really Like You" together with the candidates.

In week 6 of "Popstars" the candidates deal with "Big Female Voices" like Adele and Rihanna. In addition to the usual dance and vocal coaching, this week features a high-heel training with dancers Christoph Jonas. Even first tears start showing ...

A candidate receives an intensive individual coaching with dance trainer Pepita Bauhardt and Luxuslärm frontwoman Jini Meyer. Both are not satisfied with the development and see the girl definitely a loose candidate.

In a video analysis with Stefanie Heinzmann and Pepita Bauhardt the girls for the first time see themselves perform. Especially one of the three band constellations is shocked by their own performance. Will they get their songs and choreography ready for the big decision to show the series?

But this week highlight is the visit of the Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen. Together with the candidates she performs her world hit "I Really Like You" and presents her latest single "Run Away With Me" in an exclusive a capella version.

In the deciding Show it goes back to all or nothing: The girls enter in groups with two titles of "Big Female Voices" for the best. Who is allowed to continue his education at the Academy and who has to go home? [6]

Songs Performed This Week:

Advanced to next week: Alena, Patricia, Sabrina, Nadja, Selina, Veneranda and Timea

Eliminated: Gabriela, Terry-Joe and Sophie

Episode 07: Styles[edit]

Aired on 26 September 2015

The seventh episode of "Popstars" is themed "Styles" and the girls compete for a place in the finals.

In week 7 of "Popstars" the candidates are tasked by the jury to select songs for their performances. Divided into groups, they can choose 2 favorites among five German and five English songs. The song breakdown, the choreography and outfits are determined by the girls themselves. Moreover, they have the opportunity to rehearse with a live band and perform. During rehearsals, the girls have first difficulties to arrange the volumes with the instruments.

In addition, shortly before the finals emotions are cooking high: Especially one of the candidates polarized and ensures disputes among the girls. Another candidate wants to leave the Academy voluntarily - will she leave the Academy so shortly before the finish? Additional a surprise visit, provides tears of joy for one of the girls.

Before the big show the girls can get a makeover by a professional stylist. Lastly, the Decision show is on and it's back to all or nothing: Who can still hope for a place in the band, and for whom has the dream of Popstars faded away? [7]

Songs performed this week:

Advanced to next Week: Sabrina, Selina, Alena, Veneranda, Timea and Patricia

Left voluntary: Nadja

Eliminated: None

Episode 08: Final[edit]

Airs on October 10th, 2015

Strenuous vocal coaching, sweaty dance training, great emotion and compelling performances - that was the exciting way the POPSTARS candidates have gone over many weeks to make their dream of a pop-star life come true. The POPSTARS Academy is now the scene of the grand finale: Which girls will be able to say: "We are the new Popstars band!"?

In the show the Popstars Candidates must first present in different band constellations front of the audience and the critical eye of the jury. Soul-pop singer Stefanie Heinzmann, Urban Music Star Miss Platnum and choreographer and dancer Bella Garcia must now make her well heaviest judgment and make the final selection among the musically talented girl.

In addition, two great mysteries will be revealed in the finale: The crowd will hear for the first time the brand new single of POPSTARS band and learn the name of the formation.

Another highlight: Stefanie Heinzmann and Miss Platnum will perform their latest songs.

Round 1:

Shake It Off, performed by Sabrina, Selina, Alena, Patricia, Veneranda and Timea

Lieblingmensch, performed by Sabrina, Patricia and Veneranda

Earned It, performed by Selina, Alena and Timea

New Band Members: SABRINA and ALENA

Round 2:

Schöner Ohne Dich, performed by Timea, Veneranda, Selina and Patricia

Eliminated: Timea

New Band Member: SELINA

Band Name Announced: LEANDAH

Round 3:

Tage wie Juwelen, performed by Leandah ft Veneranda

Tage wie Juwelen, performed by Leandah ft Patricia

New Band Member: PATRICIA

Eliminated: Veneranda


  1. ^ a b Sabrina and Nadja replaced a sick Ina in the group with Gabriella and Pauline, performing 3 times in episode 4.


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