Bits and Bobs

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Bits and Bobs
Genre Children's
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Original network BBC One BBC Two Cbeebies
Original release 2002 – 2005
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Bits and Bobs is a children's television programme which is produced and broadcast by the BBC. It is aired on CBeebies (both the separate channel and CBeebies on BBC One and BBC Two). The show is filmed at several notable Scottish attractions and locations.

It features two balls of fluff: Bits and Bobs who live and travel in a "car" called Trug (which, according to the theme tune, created Bits and Bobs after escaping from a toy factory). Using Trug's eyepiece they explore the world and try to work out what different items are. They have the catchphrase "If I don't know and you don't know, and you don't know and I don't know; do you know?". Another phrase that is used is mentioned during sped up footage of them travelling to their next destination "Hold onto your Bobs, Bits" and vice versa.

They continuously nose each other by rubbing their noses. At the bottom of Trug is a secret compartment where Bits and Bobs keep their most prized objects. They access this compartment with a crane fueled by sugar cubes.

Bits and Bobs also is English slang for a collection of small items too numerous or varied to name individually. It originated from carpenters' tool kits containing parts for a drill, with bits used for making holes while bobs are routing or screwdriving drill attachments. Children laugh at the balls' mistakes at the end.