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Bjarte Ludvigsen, a.k.a. Blue, (born 20 May 1975) is a record producer from Bergen, Norway. He started out as a drummer for the Norwegian-Grammy Award winning band Poor Rich Ones.[1] In 1997, after working as a session musician for several years and as an assistant engineer at Sigma Audio, Bjarte started Tinnitus Recording together with Christer Hjelmeland. After helping several acts rise to the ranks and signing with major companies, the studio got popular with more established Norwegian artists.

In 2004, Bjarte Ludvigsen took over the company and is now the owner of the studio.

In 2007, he produced and engineered William Hut's gold selling album Nightfall, where he also played drums, keyboards and programmed.[2] The single "Take it easy" stayed 29 weeks in the Top 20 charts, reaching number 1 and sold 3 times platinum.

Bjarte Ludvigsen has been working with acts such as; William Hut, Askil Holm, Corvine, Lorraine, Furia, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, Röyksopp, Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, Tucos lounge, Ephemera, Matias Tellez, Syme, Marthe Valle, Chand and Malsain.

Bjarte Ludvigsen owns Bluenoise Plugins. The company creates useful and professional sounding plugins for the studio recording business. The first commercial plugin released was Bandecho which is a tape delay plugin and the company is well known for its Drummix line.

Bjarte Ludvigsen has written several screenplays and was in 2010 signed to the company Woolf+Lapin for a manuscript called The Divided Story.[3]



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