Black-Eyed Susan Stakes top three finishers

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This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes, the second leg of the de facto American Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing. The Black-Eyed Susan Stakes is run at 1-1/8 miles over dirt for three-year-old fillies at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.[1]

2017 BES Actress Lights of Medina Corporate Queen 11
2016 BES Go Maggie Go Ma Can Do It Kinsley Kisses 14
2015 BES Keen Pauline Include Betty Ahh Chocolate 9
2014 BES Stopchargingmaria Vero Amore Fortune Pearl 11
2013 BES Fiftyshadesofhay Marathon Lady Toasting 9
2012 BES In Lingerie Disposablepleasure Wildcat’s Smile 9
2011 BES Royal Delta Buster's Ready Hot Summer 6
2010 BES Acting Happy No Such Word Tidal Pool 9
2009 BES Payton D' Oro Bon Jovi Girl Casanova Move 7
2008 BES Sweet Vendetta She's All Eltish Seattle Smooth 9
2007 BES Panty Raid Winning Point Baroness Thatcher 8
2006 BES Regal Engagement Smart N Pretty Baghdaria 7
2005 BES Spun Sugar R Lady Joy Pleasant Chimes 6
2004 BES Yearly Report Pawyne Princess Rare Gift 7
2003 Roar Emotion Fircroft Santa Catarina 8
2002 Chamrousse Shop Til You Drop Autumn Creek 6
2001 Two Item Limit Indy Glory Tap Dance 5
2000 Jostle March Magic Impending Bear 7
1999 Silverbulletday Dreams Gallore Vee Vee Star 7
1998 Added Gold Tappin Ginger Hansel's Girl 8
1997 Salt It Buckeye Search Holiday Ball 7
1996 Mesabi Maiden Cara Rafaela Ginny Lynn 8
1995 Serena's Song Conquistadoress Rare Opportunity 7
1994 Calipha Bunting Golden Braids 13
1993 Aztec Hill Traverse City Jacody 10
1992 Miss Legality Known Feminist Diamond Duo 8
1991 Wide Country John's Decision Nalees Pin 9
1990 Charon Valay Maid Bright Candles 9
1989 Imaginary Lady Some Romance Moonlight Martini 9
1988 Costly Shoes Thirty Eight Go Go Lost Kitty 6
1987 Grecian Flight Bal du Bois Actic Cloud 10
1986 Family Style Steel Maiden Fingil's Jule 8
1985 Kulucyoo's Jill Denver Express A Joyfull Spray 7
1984 Lucky Lucky Lucky Sintra Duo Disco 7
1983 Batna Lovin Touch Weekend Surprise 10
1982 Delicate Ice Trove Millingo 10
1981 Dame Mysterieuse Wayward Lass Real 7
1980 Weber City Miss Bishop's Ring Champagne Star 8
1979 Davona Dale Phoebe's Donkey Plankton 6
1978 Caesar's Wish Javalin Miss Baja 8
1977 Small Raja Northern Sea Enthused 5
1976 What A Summer Dearly Precious Artfully 10
1975 My Juliet Gala Lil Funalon 6
1974 Blowing Rock Heydairya Shantung Silk 8
1973 Fish Wife Guided Missile Out Cold 6
1972 Summer Guest Twixt Barely Even 9
1971 At Arms Length Movetta Sew To Bed 8
1970 Office Queen Princess Roycroft Artists Proof 6
1969 Process Shot Loyal Ruler Around the Horn n/a
1968 Singing Rain Syrian Sea Copper Canyon n/a
1967 Farest Nan Back In Paris Devotedly n/a
1966 Holly-O Chalina Justakiss n/a
1965 Sue Baru Wendy's Crown Cavans Rose n/a
1964 Bold Queen Sceree Sabermar n/a
1963 Nalee Medici Bateur n/a
1962 Batter Up Narola Spooky Creature n/a
1961 Funloving My Portrait First Sitting n/a
1960 Airmans Guide Chalvedele Warlike n/a
1959 Toluene Cervina San Ju Lee n/a
1958 Daumay Motivate Stay Smoochie n/a
1957 Pillow Talk Jota Jota Woodlawn n/a
1956 Princess Turia Beyond Hadareward n/a
1955 High Voltage Bless Pat Hen Party n/a
1954 Queen Hopeful Gwenty G. Walla n/a
1953 Spinning Top Milspal Wings o' Morn n/a
1952 Real Delight Dinewisely Parading Lady n/a
1951 Discreet Break of Day Strike n/a
1950 No Race No Race No Race 0
1949 Wistful Imacomin Admired n/a
1948 Scattered Itsabet Lea Lark n/a
1947 But Why Not Cosmic Missile Oberod n/a
1946 Red Shoes Ear Shot Dorothy Brown n/a
1945 Gallorette Recce Be Faithful n/a
1944 Twilight Tear Plucky Maud Everget n/a
1943 Askmenow Too Timely Pomrose n/a
1942 Vagrancy Chiquita Mia Bonnet Ann n/a
1941 Cis Marion Dark Discovery Level Best n/a
1940 Fairy Chant True Call Discerning n/a
1939 Alms Otra Morstep n/a
1938 Sketchbook Autumnquest Anaflame n/a
1937 Sweet Desire Lucky Pledge Morning n/a
1936 No Race No Race No Race 0
1935 No Race No Race No Race 0
1934 No Race No Race No Race 0
1933 No Race No Race No Race 0
1932 No Race No Race No Race 0
1931 Dark Magnet Scuttle Anne Arundel n/a
1930 Flimsy Her Grace Snowflake n/a
1929 Altitude Aquastella March Hare n/a
1928 Princess Tina Nixie Bateau n/a
1927 Pandera Fair Star Signota n/a
1926 Rapture Ingrid Black Maria n/a
1925 Maid at Arms Revoke Primrose 8
1924 Nellie Morse Relentless Yankee Princess n/a
1923 Gadfly Untidy Transom n/a
1922 Dinahmeur Maryland Belle May Blossum n/a
1921 Careful Polly Ann Joan Marie n/a
1920 Cleopatra Arethusa Rubidium n/a
1919 Milkmaid Ophelia Duchess Lace n/a

The 18 fillies whose name appear in Bold were named either (16) American Champion Three-Year-Old Filly or
(8) American Champion Older Female Horse and in (6) cases they were named Champion in both divisions.


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