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BlackSpider Technologies Limited was a British software company founded in 2002 and subsequently acquired by SurfControl in July 2006.

The Company provided cloud computing services for filtering email spam and other malware.


BlackSpider was a start-up company founded in 2002 by John Cheney[1] in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

In January 2004 Casenove Private Equity invested £4.6m ($6.6m) in the business,[2] allowing the organisation to grow into the French and German markets.

In July 2006 SurfControl, a UK listed PLC, acquired BlackSpider for £19.5m in cash.[3]

At the point of acquisition BlackSpider had £4m in revenues, an operating loss of £3.1m and over 1,200 customers.[4]

In October 2007 Websense acquired SurfControl for approximately £204m.[5]

Following the acquisition of SurfControl by Websense, the original BlackSpider Management Team, including John Cheney, left to found, a provider of web-based CRM software for small businesses.[6]


MailControl was the brand name for BlackSpider Technologies email filtering services. These products are now sold by Forcepoint under the brand name Hosted Email Security.[7]


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